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Virtual Reality solutions

No Cables

No WiFi

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Next Level Virtual Reality Visualisation for Property Developers, Architects & Builders

At Property Start VR we take your floor plans or CAD models and construct them into a realistic and immersive Virtual Reality model in less than 72 hours. Seeing your property in VR means you can spot mistakes, feel colour and lighting and eliminate expensive stoppages during construction. For professionals, VR is the ultimate way to WOW clients with your display houses or architectural portfolio.

No Cables!

Property Start VR’s proprietary virtual reality engine is optimised to run on the groundbreaking all-in-one Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. The Oculus Quest does not require power cables unlike other VR systems that require a high powered PC connected with a cable to a power point. The Oculus Quest is true take anywhere VR system.

No WiFi!

Using Property Start VR on an Oculus Quest headset is simple and easy. After the conversion process to convert your property model into an immersive Virtual Reality experience, it is transferred to your headset. It is then ready to use anywhere!

No Limits!

Give your business the competitive edge by uploading the most commonly used technical drawing files for conversion into a lifelike VR walkthrough.

  • 72 hour turn around
  • A truly take anywhere virtual reality experience
  • Easily identify issues before construction begins
  • Up to 1,000 models on each Oculus Quest
  • Build your own virtual reality display village

We've made it easy to impress your customers with portable, realistic and totally immersive virtual reality property tours

Secure Upload

We convert the most common CAD files used by architects, developers and builders. We accept 3D CAD models from Revit, SketchUp & ArchiCAD as well as 2D drawings in PDF or DWG format. Seamlessly and securely upload files in the format of your choice and we’ll convert them into an realistic & immersive virtual reality model for use in your Oculus Quest VR headset.


VR Model Generated

To showcase your designs, our proprietary virtual reality software solution generates a lifelike VR environment that gives your clients a truer sense of space and view of their future home. Plan adjustments can then be made at an early stage allowing your clients to save time and money on later plan variations.


Secure Transfer

We will send you an email when your new virtual reality property model is ready for use. When your headset is connected to a WiFi connection, the virtual reality property models are securely transferred to your VR headset for immediate use. Models can be downloaded to multiple Oculus Quest Headsets.

No wires
No limits!

Unbound from cables and computers, Property Start VR is powered by Oculus Quest which is an all-in-one system built for virtual reality.

Your Very Own
Property VR

VR Live Walk is a truly go-anywhere property virtual reality experience. Take it onsite, to your clients homes or even to the park, the possibilities are limitless.

Standard Colour Inspiration Range

Our standard Colour Inspiration range has been developed by our talented team of interior designers and colour consultants. Each Colour Inspiration set is carefully crafted by our team to ensure the colour combinations are complementary and as realistic as possible when viewed in an Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset.

During use of the VR headset, users can switch colour inspiration palettes by simply pressing a button on the controller. Imagine the possibilities of being able to decide on the interior and exterior colour schemes quickly and easily before anything has been ordered or built.

Fresh and inviting with the use of pale timber against cool grey textiles. The versatile wood provides a bright and elegant offset to crisp, white walls.

Streamlined surfaces in steel, iron and aluminium tones add a sleek dimension with earthy tones added sparingly for a neutral balance.

Warm tones of white and sand contrast with the ocean’s cool tones of sea green and azure blue.

We've made it affordable to impress property buyers with realistic and totally immersive virtual reality property tours

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