Offers & Discounts

PropertyStart VR is offering customers limited-time discounts listed on this page.
Get discounts, FREE trials and receive a limited-time FREE VR Lifesize Experience!


Please read through the following offers



Free Lifesize Experience Offer

The 100% FREE Offer

Our Lifesize experience product entails walking on your 1:1, to-scale, lifesize floor-plan in VR. The measurements are spot-on and can give you a good idea about the size and layout of your designs. However, spots are limited so we are giving away only 50 FREE Lifesize Experiences per month.
In order to qualify, you must first apply and you'll be given a link to choose an available demo time-slot.
You may be asked to:
- Share your experience online
- Provide an honest review or testimonial
- You must choose a time slot from the available slots
- The demo must take place at one of our kiosks


The $99 Offer

If you would like to take advantage of our $99 Premium Discount Tier instead:
- Choose any time for your $99 Lifesize Experience Package Demonstration
- We will come to you with all needed demo equipment so you can show family and friends
- You are not required to share any testemonials or reviews for this discount
- The ENTIRE amount will be deducted from any future purchases with PropertyStart VR




Immersive Walkthough Package - usually $1499


Get the fully Immersive Walkthrough 100% FREE

In order to qualify to receive our fully Immersive Walkthrough Package 100% FREE you must follow these requirements:
- Apply directly with PropertyStart VR for this offer.
- Ensure you are still in the design stage of your build.
- Choose a PropertyStart approved, VR-ready builder from our catalogue of builders who qualify for this offer.
- The builder will provide you with our Immersive Walkthough 100% free of charge

Immersive Walkthrough Discount $499

If you have already found a builder or are not ready to commit yet, but would still like to purchase the Immersive Walkthrough Package so you can see your house before it's built and correct for any possible mistakes or design flaws.