House Plans in Virtual Reality



See your home in full life size scale

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See your Home in VR Before it’s Built

Are you finding it difficult to visualise your new house based on the floor plans drawn by your architect?

Introducing PropertyStart Virtual Reality. We transform paper floor plans into interactive and immersive 360 virtual tours. You can walk through your house design as if you were there in person!

Simply send us your house design floor plans and in less than 72 hours you can fully immerse yourself in your new house.

We Turn Your Floor Plans Into Full Size Virtual Spaces for You to Explore, Feel and Decide

So if there is anything you want to change, NOW is the time to go back to your architect and make the changes.

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Visualise your Dream

Feel, live and experience your home as if you were there.


Make your home more liveable by customising it to your tastes before its built.

Save Money

Spot errors much more easily and correct any possible costly mistakes before it's too late.

Read our Testimonials

Property Start VR has helped many first home-buyers and property investors alike make better decisions about which home design to choose, what the interior would feel like and what changes they want to make to their dream home before it’s too late.

Andrew Clency – Home Buyer

Thanks to PropertyStart virtual reality we have made numerous changes to our house design and in the process saved thousands of dollars by finding and fixing the mistakes before we started construction.

Arthur Koch – Home Buyer

Building our home is the biggest investment of our life. PropertyStart virtual reality made us feel more confident to make our largest investment.

John Kesh – Home Builder

Great service, especially for those people who cannot visualise paper plans.

Tim Holden – New Home Consultant

This technology allows us to give our customers a realistic experience of the house they are going to build and make any changes before finalising the design of their dream home.

Standard Colour Inspiration Themes

You can see your dream home come to life in completely immersive virtual reality. We will apply the following ​colours, materials and finishes ​to give you a more realistics picture of how different combinations of ​colours, materials and finishes work together​.

Industrial Colours

Streamlined surfaces in steel, iron and aluminium tones add a sleek dimension with earthy tones added sparingly for a neutral balance.

Scandi Colours

Fresh and inviting with the use of pale timber against cool grey textiles. The versatile wood provides a bright and elegant offset to crisp, white walls.

Coastal Colours

Warm tones of white and sand contrast with the ocean’s cool tones of sea green and azure blue.

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PropertyStart has developed a unique product making Virtual Reality affordable and accessible to the general public. We provide fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences for soon to be constructed or renovated houses created from floor plans and elevations. The fully immersive experience helps our clients visualise the details of their future dream home and identify any possible design alterations before construction begins. Attend one of our free demos and be prepared to be amazed. There is no substitute for walking through your life-size home design as if you were inside your new dream home.


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